A repeat of the 1906 magnitude 7.9 earthquake, the worst case scenario for the Bay Area, is estimated to result in about 5800 fatalities if it strikes during working hours. This estimate is comparable to the approximately 6000 deaths caused by the 1995 M6.9 Kobe earthquake that occurred in the afternoon directly beneath an urban area with a population of 1.52 million people. Most scenarios, however, have maximum projected fatalities on the order of several hundred, reflecting the success of earthquake-resistant design and construction practices in California, particularly in residences.

Annals of Seismology, July 20, 2015 Issue,  The Really Big One. An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. By Kathryn Schulz.

The HayWired Earthquake Scenario, Scientific Investigations Report 2017-5013. Edited by: Shane T. Detweiler and Anne M. Wein


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AT LEAST 17 LAWS : America’s Poor Response to The Pandemic is Contrary to What Homeland Security Has Been Planning for The Past 20 Years.

COVID-19 MESSAGING IS TERRIBLE: It’s not “social distance” that we need. It’s “physical distance” Be accurate. Be complete. Be truthful.′

“Police-Community Relations Fundamental To Homeland Security,” Homeland Security Today, Online Edition, 06/05/2016,

Master’s Thesis: Towards a Homeland Security Strategy for the United States Virgin Islands, The Terrorism and Natural Disasters Planning Group.


For a reminder of 9/11, see this poignant video of the burning towers, the people, scene, etc., set to music by Enya.